Zero Platform Fees
Transparent, Open Source and Efficient

How does 100% sound?

We believe that making a measurable impact on student debt first requires trust.
One way we're building trust with our community is by writing our smart contracts to include zero-fee diversions. This means that by design, every penny earned will be directed to the community fund and allocated and distributed by our community.
PennyDAO will need funding for dev operations, get the word out, commission artists, and so on, but we're giving our stakeholders the go, no-go option on every penny. This sounds ridiculous, we know, but we believe it will demonstrate the irrefutable efficiency of Ethereum in a fresh way and build unbreakable trust with our purpose-aligned decentralized autonomous organization.
As there are zero platform fees, we do accept direct donations in ETH, USDC, or DAI to help support the PennyDAO community initiatives and further developments. If you would like to contribute, please send it directly to PennyDAO.eth or 0x0156F26198346C7F6B6588C5715a491F3387C021

Prove it!

See for yourself and help us build social proof: Our code is open source and available on our Github for your review. Write a Tweet with your findings and tag @YourPennyDAO so that we can follow and retweet you.
We know what we're doing: Our core team smart contract developer is an actuarial scientist and writes/QAs smart contracts for Curve Finance. Smart contracts are immutable and cannot be changed.
Regular audits: We have requested a proposal for an audit from a credible code-level auditing firm and are hopeful that as we get up-and-impacting, our DAO will approve the fee distribution for the audit. We're open to working with others and traditional auditing firms, as well, should our DAO propose the idea.

A Fee Oasis

It's true that at the start, there will be fees all around us. Gas fees, yield farming fees, etc. However, over time, we think long-term there are ways to reduce fees through strong partnerships in the Ethereum ecosystem and have developed a technical roadmap to reduce fees in the short term.
Connect with us on Telegram if you'd like to help us achieve a truly frictionless experience.
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